Principal' s Message


Rajendra (Autonomous) College, Balangir functioning from 1944 as the premier undergraduate college of Western Odisha has, over the years, grown to be a renowned institution of Higher Education with thirteen Post-Graduate Departments in Arts, Science and Commerce, including M.Phil. courses in seven of them. The college has been catering to the ever-increasing needs and aspirations of a huge population of the state spread across six to eight of its largely backward districts.

The college aims to produce well-informed and enlightened individuals who, not inferior in point of education and accomplishments, would rise to situations of trust and respectability in life and contribute handsomely to the stupendous tasks of building a resurgent India. It endeavours to transform its alumni into ladies and gentlemen of real merit, worth and character who would have every disposition to act uprightly in giving leadership to the society.

As the institution stands at the cusp of a historic juncture of its journey by marking seventy-five years of its glorious existence as a public institution, we are proud to host our renovated and dynamic website in keeping with the needs of the New Age. Hope visitors and users of the portal will find useful information about the College that may help them in optimum utilization of its facilities, resources and services.

A cordial welcome to all !

(Prof. B K Jena)

Rajendra College (Autonomous), Balangir