Rajendra College (Autonomous), Balangir


The aim of the scheme is to instil into the minds of students a sense of participation in progress of the country through voluntary service to the community & humanity at large and to inculcate a sense of devotion towards the motherland. It intends to make the students self-reliant and practical-minded. Its objective is to build character, develop national integrity, sincerity of purpose, fellow feeling and leadership.


The N.S.S. Unit of Rajendra College is affiliated to Sambalpur University. Students of all classes, men & women, are eligible to enrol their names. Enrollment is done at the beginning of the session.


Participants in the scheme will work for at least two hours a week in different Social Service Programmes, to be announced by the Officer-in-Charge from time to time. Irregularity in the discharge of duties will be severely dealt with as per the recommendation of the programme coordinator and approved by the Principal.