Rajendra College (Autonomous), Balangir


  1. The develop character, comradeship, the ideal of service and the capacity for leadership in the young men and women.
  2. To provide service training to young men and women so as to stimulate interest in the defense of the country.
  3. To build up a reserve of potential manpower, to enable the armed force to expand rapidly in National Emergency.


  1. The College has one company of N.C.C. (Inf Boys) affiliated to II (O) Bn. N.C.C. Balangir with the strength of 110 Cadets & one officer. A male student physically fit is eligible for enrolment.
  2. Enrolment is made each year at the beginning of the session after necessary medical Examination. A cadet once enrolled has to serve till the end of the session. A high standard of discipline and conducts Regimental fund is to be contributed by every Cadet & 0.50 paisa towards G.I.S.
  3. Weekly two parades, each of one hour & twenty minutes duration, are held on Sunday only. A minimum of 75% of attendance is necessary to be eligible for appearing at the Certificate Examination. The minimum attendance prescribed by the University for a cadet is 75 percent. Irregularity in parade-attendance on the part of a Cadet during any month makes him liable for expulsion from N.C.C. or any other action as deemed fit by the Coy Commander.
  4. All cadets are requested to return their kits before the end of academic year or before summer holidays, and get a "no dues certificate" from N.C.C. Office. Promotions/ Issue of CLC etc. shall be stopped in the absence of the certificate.