Rajendra College (Autonomous), Balangir

The College provides three furnished hostels for 294 men students and 51 women students. The details are furnished below.

  1. New Hostel - 151
  2. Ladies Hostel - 51
  3. P.G. Hostel - 144

General Rules & Management

The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the hostels. He, however, shall exercise his control and supervision through the Superintendents and the Assistant Superintendents who are directly in-charge of the day-to-day administration of the hostels.

  1. Admission to a hostel is for one session only. Readmission cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The allotment of seats will be made on the following criteria.
    1. Marks secured in the last qualifying examination.
    2. 15 per cent of the total seats will be reserved for students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (G.O. 36248/YES 13/2/84)
    3. Seats will be reserved up to the last date of allotment in case of non-availability of students belonging to S.C/S.T.
    4. The Students belonging to the district of Balangir may be given preference for allotment of seat in the hostel.
    5. The students in NCC will be given preference.
  2. There are two hostels for male students and one hostel for female students in the college. The allotment of seats to the students of different classes in different hostels will be made by the Principal.
  3. A student is permitted to stay in the hostel only after completion of the process of his admission into the hostel.
  4. Occupation of seats before or without allotment is strictly prohibited. The rooms and seats will be allowed by the Superintendent to the student who produces a certificate of admission from the Principalís Office. Allotment may be changed at any time by the hostel Superintendent.
  5. Withdrawal from the hostel requires the sanction of the Principal. Application for withdrawal should be made by the guardian of the boarders. No boarder shall be allowed to leave the hostel without prior permission of the Superintendent, who will be ascertain that all dues of the hostel are paid before leaving the hostel. Any loss or damage caused to the hostel property has to be compensated by the boarders.
  6. Whenever a boarder leaves the hostel during vacation or on a holiday or on private ground, he must apply to the Superintendent for leave and obtain his permission. Any student remaining absent without prior permission of the Superintendent will be liable to a fine or removal from the hostel.
  7. The hostel remains closed during Pooja holidays and Summer Vacation. Boarders willing to remain in the hostel during Summer Vacation must obtain special permission from the Superintendent. The examinees who are regular students of the College may be allowed to stay for specified part of the vacation on payment of seat rent and electric consumption charges at the rate of Rs.55/- each for one month or part thereof. Messing arrangement are not provided during vacations.
  8. Each Boarder is supplied with one table, one chair & one cupboard. They are responsible for the safe custody of the furniture & other articles supplied to them and are liable to make good in case of any damage. The boarders will also themselves be responsible for the safety and security of their cash, personal assets, books & other valuables.
  9. A student selected for admission to the hostel has to pay in addition to College fees and admission subscription, consolidated charges at the time of admission along with two attested (on Front side) passport size photographs for Identify Card of Hostel.


  1. The internal management of the hostel rests with the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of the hostel.
  2. Boarders should sign daily in the roll call register supplied by the Superintendent at 7.30 P.M. in their respective rooms. The Register will be circulated by a boarder. The Boarders have to intimate about their problems/guests / application for leave, if any, in the columns specified in the register with separate applications.
  3. Boarders should always keep Hostel Identity Cards with them. Boarders should return to the hostel at least by 6.00 P.M. After 6.00 P.M. the gate shall be closed and if one comes late he/she should sign the gate book with reasons of being late and time of arrival. Continuous late arrival may be intimated to the Principal / Parents/Guardians for necessary action.
  4. The study hour will be observed strictly both in the morning and evening hours. No one is allowed to move from one room to the other or disturb anybody in any manner specially during the study hours.
  5. Study hour may not be observed on Saturday and on nights preceding holidays, except in the evening preceding the reopening of the College after the vacation and holidays. However, this does not permit any boarder to disturb other boarders who wish to read during such periods.
  6. Time hours of lunch and dinner are to be fixed by the Superintendent and boarders are required to follow is strictly.
  7. Inmates of a room must ensure that fan and light points are put off when no one is present in the room. The room lights are to be put off by 11 P.M.
  8. The following constitutes a breach of discipline on the part of a boarder.
    1. Absence from the hostel without permission.
    2. Negligence of study.
    3. Want of cleanliness of the room.
    4. Spitting around the room & compound.
    5. Cycling in the hostel verandah and compound.
    6. Operating the common room T.V. set or singing or playing on any musical instrument etc. are talking over mobile phone during restricted hours.
    7. Writing on orin anyway disfiguring the walls, doors or windows of the building.
    8. Absence during study hours and after the night roll call without permission.
    9. Removal of notice from the notice board, game articles and other articles from the common room & removal of or tempering with electrical fittings in the room.
    10. Removal of furniture and other articles provided in the room.
    11. The use of drugs and intoxicants.
    12. Indulgence in any form of gambling & betting.
    13. Admission of any outsider without prior permission of the Superintendent.
    14. Holding of any meeting in the hostel without the approval of the Superintendent.
    15. Misconduct of any other description, like loitering on verandah, pouring water from upstairs, breaking lock, etc.
    16. Any other matters considered as breach of discipline by the Superintendent.
    17. A boarder expelled from a hostel shall be deemed to have been expelled from the college as well.
  9. The Superintendent will maintain a conduct register of the boarders in which the records of all fines and punishment will be maintained. Gross misconduct of a boarder shall also render him to have his name entered in the conduct register of the college.
  10. A boarder may be removed from the hostel by the Principal on the report of the Superintendent for unmannerly and indecent behaviour towards fellow boarders & hostel employees, breach of discipline or incitement to breach of discipline & gross misconduct.
  11. The Medical Officer visits the hostel twice a week. In case of illness boarders are required to make necessary entries in the Medical Register which will be submitted to the Medical Officer for prescription & treatment. In case of serious illness the boarders must inform the Superintendent forthwith who will make necessary arrangement for his / her treatment.
  12. Father or guardian of a boarder may be permitted only after previous sanction of the Superintendent to reside in the guest room of the hostel for one night, provided that the visit is related to the interest or welfare of the boarder as a pupil of the College & provided that accommodation is available. They are not supposed to remain with their sons/wards in their rooms.
  13. There shall be a Residence Committee comprising the Principal, Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents of the hostels and two staff members nominated by the Principal. The committee shall discuss all matters relating to the smooth conduct of the hostels and their administration.


Boarders of hostel shall pay all dues and get a "No Dues Certificate" at the time of leaving the hostel before summer vacation or after last qualifying examination. This certificate will ease the process while obtaining their C.L.C. after publication of result.


The hostel provides a Common Room with a T.V. set & some other indoor game articles, newspapers & periodicals approved by the Superintendent. Newspapers, periodicals, game articles etc. pleased in the Common Room are not to be removed without the permission of the authorities concerned. The Common Room will remain open for boarders during specified hours as directed by the Superintendent. Use of the common room by boarders beyond specified hours will be treated as serious breach of discipline. The Common Room will be maintained from the fund collected towards Common Room fees only.


  1. The hostel mess is run by boarders under the supervision of hostel authorities with the assistance of the Mess Committee. The Assistant Superintendent is in overall charge of the mess. The mess Committee consists of Assistant Superintendent from time to time.
  2. All boarders are members of the hostel mess & no boarder is allowed to take meals outside the mess. Special arrangement for any boarder or a group of boarders is not allowed. They have to obey mess rules as notified by the Superintendent from time to time.
  3. Each boarder shall at the time of admission pay Rs.200/- as mess caution money, refundable at the end of the session or when a boarder leaves the hostel for good. The mess caution money can in no case be adjusted to the mess account of a boarder. A sum of Rs.500.00 will be payable by each boarder as mess advance at the time of admission. Thereafter each month he shall pay the actual messing charges of the previous month. The mess advance paid at the time of admission will be adjusted to the account of the boarder when he finally quits the hostel.
  4. Collection of mess dues is made by the hostel Account Section, one in the first week & the second time on or before the 15th day after 1st collection of mess dues every month. In case of non payment of mess dues on time, a fine of Rs.1/- shall be levied along with a find of Rs.0.20 p. per day from the 18th day of every month till date previous to the day of 1st collection. College fees will not be accepted unless the clearance of mess dues for the previous month is produced.
  5. When a boarder falls ill, his sick diet is prepared in the mess according to the instruction of the Medical Officer. Extra cost of sick diet if any will be realized from the boarder. Medical expenses on medicine etc. should be borne by the concerned sick boarder.
  6. All examinees for CHSE and Autonomous College Examination have to pay in advance the mess charges for the entire period of their Examination.
  7. In case of temporary absence from hostel, the boarder should intimate the mess Supervisor in writing in the Absence Meal Register. The meal charges of such period are adjusted with the bills of next month. Refund is not made in cash.
  8. Boarders may entertain guests with the prior permission of the Superintendent, but not more than two at a time. The Supervisor / Manager of the mess must be informed and the entry in the Guest Meal Register must be made ordinarily four hours before lunch or dinner. Boarders entertaining guests should remain responsible for the conduct of their guests in the hostel and for the payment of the charges of the guest meals. Charges towards guest meals shall be more than the regular meals for the borders as fixed and shall be fixed by the mess committee.
  9. The following shall be treated as breach of mess discipline.
    1. Shouting in the dining hall.
    2. Showing rude and discourteous behaviour to mess employees.
    3. Entering the Kitchen and taking meals in places other than the dining hall.
    4. Taking away utensils of any description for personal use.
    5. Taking of meals beyond the fixed hours.
    6. Misconduct of any description as considered so by the Superintendent.
  10. The perfect and senior prefect nominated by the Superintendent will be responsible for maintenance of discipline in their respective blocks. The Senior prefect will supervise the work of prefects and will be responsible to the Superintendent.
  11. All College rules are strictly applicable to the boarders of the hostel also.