Rajendra College (Autonomous), Balangir

Situated at an ideal site in the lap of the surrounding hillocks, our College owes its inception to the magnanimous philanthropy of Late Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo, the then Ruler of the erstwhile Patna State and Later Chief Minister of Orissa. The College was founded by him on 3rd July, 1944 and was affiliated to Utkal University with intermediate Arts and Commerce. It was upgraded to a Degree College in July, 1946 with the instruction of the B.A. (pass) class. The institution attained the status of a full-fledged Degree College after the affiliation of the B.Com. Class in 1964-65 and B.Sc. class in 1965-66. P.G. teaching started from the session 1978-79. Since 1st January, 1967 the College has been under Sambalpur University.

The College was granted AUTONOMY for a period of five years with effect from 01-04-2002 by the U.G.C. vide their letter no F2-2-2000 (Desk-AC) dt.26.02.2002 followed by concurrence by the Sambalpur Univerisity vide their letter no.1042/Dev. II, dt.21.06.2002 and by the Govt. of Orissa in the Department of Higher Education vide their letter no.50667/HE, Dt.21.10.2002. Autonomy was extended subsequently,................

The following is the chronological chart showing the introduction of various courses in the College :-



Suject Introduced

1944 Intermediate Arts and Commerce
1946 B.A. Pass
1959 Pre-University Science & Humanities
1st Year Degree Science & Humaniities
1961-62 1st Year Degree Biology.
B.A. Economics Honours
1964-65 B.Com. Commerce
1965-66 B.Sc. Phy. Chem. Math
1967-68 B.Sc. Botan, Zoology
B.A. Odia Honours
History Honours
1968-69 P.U. Hum Pol. Science
1st Deg. Comm. Book Keeping
1970-71 B.A. English Honours
Pol. Science
B.Sc. Physics Honours
B.Com Honours
1972-73 B.Sc. Botany Honours
1973-74 B.A. Pol. Science Hons.
1974-75 B.Sc. Zoology Honours
1975-76 B.A. Sanskrit Honours
1977-78 B.A. Mathematics
1978-79 I.A. Geography
P.G. Commerce
1980-81 P.G. Pol. Science
1981-82 B.A. Hindi Honours
I.A., I.Sc.
B.A., B.Sc. Statistics
I.Com Shorthand & Type Writing
1983-84 P.G. Botany
I.A. Education
1984-85 P.G. Economics
1988-89 P.G. Chemistry
1990-91 B.A. Geography Honours
1992-93 B.Sc. B.A. Statistics
P.G. History
1994-95 P.G. Zoology
2002-2003 B.Sc. Computer Science Hons.
2003-2004 +2 Arts/Sc/Com. Information Technology
2003-2004 +2 Science Biotechnology
2017-2018 P.G. English
2017-2018 P.G. Odia
2017-2018 P.G. Hindi
2017-2018 P.G. Physics
2017-2018 M.Phil Hist.
2017-2018 M.Phil P.Sc.
2017-2018 M.Phil Edonomics
2017-2018 M.Phil Botany
2017-2018 M.Phil Chemistry
2017-2018 M.Phil Zoology
2017-2018 M.Phil Commerce
2018-2019 P.G. Mathematics
2018-2019 P.G. Sanskrit