Rajendra College (Autonomous), Balangir

The following is only an abstract of examination rules and is by no means exhaustive

  1. Undergraduate Courses - (Vide regulation 1)

    1. The 3 - Year Degree Courses lading to Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Science and Commerce of Rajendra College (Autonomous), Balangir shall spread over a period of three years and shall cover six semesters.
    2. Internal Assessment / MID - TERM EXAM

      A Candidate shall be eligible to appear at the I/II/III/IV/V/VI semester examination only if he/she has registered for the above Examination. A candidate for the Bachelor's Degree Examination in Arts, Science or Commerce shall be required under the regulations required to enroll himself / herself as a student of Rajendra College (Auto) at least 2 years before the commencement of the V/VIth semester Examination.

  2. Semester Pattern of Examination.

    The college has introduced the semester pattern of examination for candidates taking admission in under-graduate (UG) & post-graduate (PG) courses from the academic session 2008-09 onwards as follows.

  3. Improvement examination for a semester can be taken at the time of the corresponding regular semester examination of the succeeding batch. For UG course only one internal assessment examination shall be held during each semester. There shall be no internal assessment examination for Post- Graduate (PG) students.
  4. Each disciplien consists of the following four components.

    The schedule of these items along with their with their marks for each semester shall be as per rule formulated by the Academic Council from time to time.

  5. At the end of each semester, there shall be an examination (hereinafter called Semester examination) conducted by the College as per programme announced at the beginning of each academic year. There shall be an academic calendar published by the college every year.
  6. Back paper examination, if any shall be held with the normal Semester examinations.
  7. Students with back papers shall clear them along with regular students in subsequent year.
  8. Odd number semester examination shall be held ordinarily in the month of December and even number semester examinations shall be held in March and April.
  9. The project work shall be supervised by the faculty members who will give a certificate to that effect. Collaboration in any way with others in writing assignments will be treated as malpractice. In other words, the answer as presented to the faculty should be the independent work of each student.
  10. Any student resorting to or trying to resort to malpractice in internal Assessment Tests shall be dealt with as per existing malpractice rule of the University.

CBSC : BA (Hons.), B.Com (Hons), B.Sc. (Hons.)

Core Course = 14 papers of 6 credit each. 100 marks each (5 Units in each course)

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) = 2 papers of credit each. 50 marks each (English Communication/MIL/Environmental Science).

Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) = 2 papers of 2 credit each : 50 marks each

Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) = 3 papers of 6 credti each: 100 marks each (5 units in each course) And Project Report of 6 Credit : 100 marks (Project 75+Viva 25)

Generic Elective (GE) = 4 papers of 6 credit each: 100 marks each (5 units in each course)

Sem I : 2 Core Courses, 1 AECC, 1 GE = 4 papers = 350 marks.
Sem II : 2 Core Courses, 1 AECC, 1 GE = 4 papers = 350 marks.
Sem III : 3 Core Courses, 1 SEC, 1 GE = 5 papers = 450 marks.
Sem IV : 2 Core Courses, 1 SEC, 1 GE = 5 papers = 450 marks.
Sem V : 2 Core Courses, 1 DSE, 4 papers = 400 marks.
Sem VI : 2 Core Course, 1 DSE, Project Report = 4 papers = 400 marks.
Total = 26 papers = 2400 marks (140 Credits)
Mark Distribution
Core Course 14 x 100 = 100
Discipline specific elective 3 x 100 = 300
Project + Viva 1 x 100 = 100
Generic Elective - 1 (minor 1) : 2 x 100 = 200
Ability Enhancement (Compulsory): 2 x 100 = 200
Ability Enhancement (Skill Based) : 2 x 50 = 100
Total Mark = 2400 Total number of Papers = 26

Subject with Practical
Theory - 75 Marks, Practical - 2 Marks
Mid Semester Theory - 15 Marks, End Semester Theory- 60 Marks
There is no Practical Exam. in Mid Semester
Subject without Practical : 100 Marks
Mid Semester - 20 Marks, End Semester - 80 Marks.

SEC - 1 : To be offered by English Department
SEC - 2 : This is a subject specific skill to be offered by the respective Department. Minor-1 and Minor - 2 is to be decided by the college Based on Subject. For Example for Physics (Hon) Minor-1 can be Mathematics and minor-2 can be Chemistry in consonance with existing Practice.