Rajendra College (Autonomous), Balangir

The College Crest, designed in 1944 by Late Sri Purna Chandra Rath, an archeologist of erstwhile Patna State, is the emblem of the College. A uniquely philosophical blend of tradition and modernity, the Crest contains within itself the name of the college and the year of its establishment along with three distinct symbols : The book, a ship and scientific apparatus which symbolically represent the three faculties of Arts, Commerce and Science respectively in which teaching is imparted in the College.

The open book in the Crest reinforces the idea of continuous learning. Pursuit of knowledge is a holy mission and an exciting experience which dispels the cloud of age-old prejudices from the human mind. Books pass on knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation. Merely having or keeping a book is not enough. One should open and read it for further reflection and diffusion of knowledge.

The ship in the Crest bears the idea of communication and transportation of knowledge across realms and frontiers known and unknown. For therein lies the adventurous path towards lasting progress and prosperity.

The scientific apparatus symbolizes man's insatiable thirst for knowledge through scientific enquiry and invention.

The rising sun with flames below the book supplements the symbolic significance of the book as it stands for man's eternal craving for knowledge which is further illustrated by the Vedic quotation suggesting great clarity of vision. This quotation from the Upanishads is an exhortation to man to steer clear of the dark cobwebs of the human mind and elevate himself to illumination by Truth and Wisdom which are the fruits of all education and edification.

The Crest is the standard-bearer of the intellectual passion of the College calling upon all its students and teachers to live up to the lofty ideals enshrined in it.